Sailing At Lake Eppalock day 2

WE HAD FUN!!! we love the wind it was fast so we went fast to we went to the middle of the lake we tried to fleep the boat it did not work but we almost fleepd over  some ouer b0ats did we had the class room we lant to what parst of the boat are call & we played a game called nappy ran with a life jaket1648

Sailing at lake Eppalock day 1

well we got wet BUT WE HAD FUN!!! we applied sunscreen every hour now to get to the main bit the sailing we did get stack on the bank we need to be push back in to the lake getting in & out of the boat was eazy pushing it in the water was hard but we got at  leat  50 meters out of the bank next we had the class room we lent to star the boat that was fun we had a book to wite what we lent it had a cross word (2) a spot the different (2) & a plase to draw a boat1633

writing a post

what is a post?





6.word drive


what kinds of blogs are there? what can blogs be use for?

.1 business

.2 famous people  –  connect to fans

.3 organisation – sports club/ chess club

.4 student blogs/school blogs

.5 charity/helplines/services

.6 diary/journal/express yourself

.7 work